Don´t Waste // Invest consortium meets the REMONDIS Group

12. July 2018 // All topics, News,

On Thursday, 05th of July 2018, the Don´t Waste // Invest consortium met with the REMONDIS Group. The meeting was initiated and organised by Mr. KR Hans Roth (VOEB & Saubermacher) and Dr. Maria Ortner from the Green Tech Cluster together with the Verband Österreichischer Entsorgungsbetriebe (VOEB) and the company Saubermacher.

Mr. Herwart Wilms and Dr. Ing. Ansgar Fendel, Managing Director of REMONDIS Assets & Services GmbH Co. KG, presented the international activities of the world’s leading corporate group for Recycling, water management as well as municipal and industrial services. With 32,000 employees, the REMONDIS Group is one of the world’s largest private service companies in the water and recycling industry. It has branches and shares in companies in 33 countries, including the countries of the European Union, China, India, Taiwan and Australia.

Following this, top-class representatives of Austrian recycling companies (Andritz AG, ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH, Binder + CO AG, KOMPTECH GmbH, Linder-Recyclingtech GmbH, M-U-T GmbH, REDWAVE, Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG) presented the Austrian competence and technological know-how. The aim of the meeting was the mutual introduction and getting to know the individual companies in order to define future cooperation possibilities based on this.

First row from the left: G. Ziehenberger, Saubermacher; M. Ortner, Green Tech Cluster; D. Müller-Mezin, WKO; H. Wilms, REMONDIS; A. Fendel, REMONDIS; H. Roth, Saubermacher; S. Schweiger-Fuchs, REDWAVE; G. Tischner, Lindner
Second row from the left: C. Makari, Binder+CO, F. Duspiva, ATM Recyclingsystems; R. Mittermayr, Saubermacher; E. Konrad, KOMPTECH; H. Leitner, KOMPTECH; W. Lashofer, ANDRITZ; H. Schuster, M-U-T
Last row from the left: W. Oberleitner, ANDRITZ; M. Waupotitsch, ANDRITZ; M. Hashemian-Nik, ANDRITZ

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