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Committed companies and conscientious pre-sorting by customers are required to turn waste into many valuable raw materials. The campaign ‘Rund geht‘s’ initiated by the Austrian waste management industry with the support of the Province of Styria shows how awareness for recycling is created professionally.

From cable clutter to the new computer and from copper scrap to coins. The ‘Rund geht’s’ initiative uses creative case studies to show how new products are created from supposed waste. The campaign was initiated by the Austrian waste management industry – supported among others by the Province of Styria – and is an ideal platform for companies to present their best practice examples.


From residual waste to bicycles

Waste is a valuable raw material. The Styrian ‘Rund geht’s’ partners’ examples and exciting ReUse projects prove this. Worn-out tyres collected by Tyrec Wertstoffservice are – among other purposes – used as components for fall protection mats on children’s playgrounds.

Mayer Recycling filters metal composites from municipal waste. They are professionally separated, prepared and processed into components for the manufacture of bicycles. Then, there is Müllex-Umwelt-Säuberung that receives about 20,000 tonnes of waste wood per year and produces versatile chip-boards for the construction and furniture industry.

Top collectors
Separation and recycling is generally of particular importance in Austria. The Austrians collect around 482 kilograms of waste per person. This is divided into 40 % residual and bulky waste and 60 % separate collection. This presents enormous potential to extract the raw materials for tomorrow from yesterday’s waste. In a European comparison of 32 countries, Austria occupies an absolute top position with a material recycling rate of 66 %.
Good for the environment, but not just! Municipal waste management secures roughly 14,800 jobs per year to which private sector adds another 25,000 jobs.


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