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13. September 2018 // All topics, News,

Digitalisation increasingly shapes the waste industry. Web-based software solutions, new ways of route planning and special applications contribute to optimisation.

APPsolute information. From A as in alloy wheel to Z as in zucchini peels: Users of the new Abfall-ABC (German for “ABC of waste”) app created by the Province of Styria in cooperation with its partners know what needs to be disposed of where and in what way. It also shows the quickest route to the next waste collection centre by means of a route planner. Following the idea of reusing things, it furthermore shows points where one can drop off working devices.

When it comes to the waste industry, the Daheim-APP (German for “At Home APP”) created by Saubermacher and Energie Steiermark, too, proves very helpful. Among other things, it provides timely information on pick-up dates.

It’s very obvious: Digital information systems are entering the waste industry and help making processes more efficient. Social media platforms are a feature the industry also uses to full advantage, for instance to post information on the spring cleaning event staged by the Province of Styria (some 77,000 people were thereby reached between January and May 2018) or about details on the Recy & DepoTech 2018. Among others, this conference will focus on the topic of digitalisation in the waste industry.

Styrian pioneers

Together with Österreichische Abfallwirtschaftstagung (“Conference of the Austrian Waste Management”), this expert conference ranks among the most important events for waste industry experts. The fact that it goes into its 14th year shows what an important role this topic plays in Styria (www.recydepotech.at).

The first steps in this direction were made as early as 1991, when waste collection containers were equipped with electronic chips in the framework of a pilot project. In 1995, the first waste industry website (abfallwirtschaft.steiermark.at) went online and continues to serve as a vital information platform. A construction waste guide (baurestmassen.steiermark.at) which was updated in 2015 to meet the requirements of all those involved, from clients to landfill operators, was presented in 2012. And 2016 the Federal Chancellery awarded section 14 of the Provincial Government Office the Public Sector Award for its pilot project on route optimisation in Birkfeld.

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