Automotive parts
and used tyres

End-of-life vehicles have a very heterogeneous, complex composition and consist of approximately 10,000 separate parts and approximately 40 different materials (approx. 50-60% steel, 10-12% cast iron, 3-8% non-ferrous metals, 10-20% synthetic materials, rubber and textiles, 2-3% glass, 2-5% operating liquids and 5-10% other materials). In spite of the great variety in materials, a share of the components can be reused as spare parts, while a large part of the materials can be recycled.

End-of-life tyres are tyres, which are either not suitable for their original purpose or are no longer accredited. The utilization takes place either as energetic recovery (e.g. cement industry) or as mechanical recycling. After shredding the end-of-life tyres, mechanical recycling of the rubber, metal and fabric parts becomes possible. (BAWP 2017)

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ANDRITZ has developed a three-stage process for the recovery of rubber, steel wire and textiles contained in used tires. In addition, although old oil filters from vehicles are considered hazardous waste, the metal they are made of can be shredded in a single-stage process using the ADuro G shredder. The individual materials – iron, aluminum, paper, rubber, and oil – can then be separated fro...
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