Domestic waste

“Mixed municipal waste” is refuse, which originates mainly in private households, or which resembles waste from private households in its nature or composition. In Austria separately collected waste materials, biogenic municipal waste, bulky municipal waste, waste electronic equipment, used batteries, problematic substances or street-cleaning waste, do not belong to mixed municipal waste.

The composition of mixed municipal waste depends on different factors. These include for instance, the existing waste collection system, the socio-economic structure of the population or the location of residences in an urban or rural area. The most crucial components of mixed municipal waste constitute synthetic and composite materials, organic elements, as well as paper and cardboard.

Mixed municipal waste is either directly, or following preparation, thermally and biologically treated. Waste materials, which have been separated out of the municipal waste, are recycled. (BAWP 2017)

Your experts for waste management

Binder+Co AG

Binder+Co is a unique enterprise in the world of processing. After all, we offer six elementary processing steps from one single source: comminuting – screening – wet processing – thermal processing – sorting – packaging and palletizing. For many decades now, Binder+Co has supplied individual systems and overall processing plants to the mining and recycling industries. In doing so, we h...
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Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH

Innovation as a principle. Quality as a promise. This basic idea has informed the actions of Lindner ever since the company was formed in 1948. As a specialist in shredding technology we produce trendsetting solutions for waste processing – while constantly setting standards with our technological innovations. Our product portfolio ranges from stationary and mobile shredding machines for waste ...
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Irrespective of the used collection system and the corresponding task, we design systems that grant 100% efficiency. Various countries have different waste collection systems, resulting in different tasks for the sorting technology. For example, packaging waste mainly consists of plastics, paper and glass. Single-stream waste mainly consists of dry, mixed waste (paper, cardboard, films, plastics,...
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Komptech GmbH

The Komptech process technology revolves around shredding, screening and separating. Low-speed shredders with adjustable degree of shredding generate a homogeneous material stream at the desired particle size for the following screening with mobile or stationary drum screens.
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ANDRITZ supplies state-of-the-art equipment for pre- and post-shredding, screening, classification and drying to separate Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and industrial production residues. The entire flow of waste is separated into organic and inorganic components. Valuable materials, such as metals, are removed from the process at an early stage and can be recycled. The non-recyclable residual shar...
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M-U-T Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlagen GmbH

M-U-T conveying systems are used in most industrial production settings, where efficient and cost-saving transport of small and bulky goods is needed. Conveying technology is also one of the main components of waste treatment plants. Our expertise in conveying technology systems, in combination with the products in our portfolio, helps us achieve our vision for environmental sustainability. Produ...
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EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH

From proof of principle to In-Line integration and the phase of Industrialising, EVK is a strong and loyal partner on the way to successful project realisation. With 30 years of experience, EVK has the tools to provide their partners with the necessary knowhow to efficiently accomplish projects in the field of embedded vision systems. To create the essential head-start for our partners, the EVK t...
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