Bark, slabs, splinters, wood shavings, saw dust, wood dust and slurry, timber and demolition wood, chipboard waste, old furniture, pieces of impregnated wood (masts, thresholds and so on), wood packaging, as well as pieces of wood with harmful contaminations are referred to as “waste wood and leftovers resulting from the treatment and processing of wood”. They come from sawmills, joineries, the paper and pulp industry, the furniture and wood material industry, the construction industry, agriculture and forestry, landscape gardening, as well as private households. Waste wood is utilized thermally or recycled in the wood material industry. (BAWP 2017)

Your experts for waste management

EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH

From proof of principle to In-Line integration and the phase of Industrialising, EVK is a strong and loyal partner on the way to successful project realisation. With 30 years of experience, EVK has the tools to provide their partners with the necessary knowhow to efficiently accomplish projects in the field of embedded vision systems. To create the essential head-start for our partners, the EVK t...
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ANDRITZ offers shredding technology for the processing of different kinds of woods, such as wood offcuts, veneers, boards and waste wood. The slowly rotating ADuro P and ADuro U shredders process large quantities of wood into manageable sizes from 10 to 200 mm. The size of the output material is determined by the screen size used. The hydraulic pendulum feeder and the optimal knife geometry suite...
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REDWAVE is your reliable partner for profitable solutions in the recycling and waste industry. It supplies groundbreaking and economic sorting plants for recyclables as well as turnkey waste treatment plants. Furthermore, REDWAVE is a leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines with a sturdy industrial design which achieves high performance and quality recovery of materials.
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Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH

Innovation as a principle. Quality as a promise. This basic idea has informed the actions of Lindner ever since the company was formed in 1948. As a specialist in shredding technology we produce trendsetting solutions for waste processing – while constantly setting standards with our technological innovations. Our product portfolio ranges from stationary and mobile shredding machines for waste ...
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Komptech GmbH

With the right technology, generally involving shredding, screening and separating, a marketable product for material or energy recovery can be extracted from a variety of waste wood. Low and high speed shredders together with flexible star screens and drum screens are key machines for the efficient treatment process.
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