The material and energetic utilization of by-products and residual products from industrial processes play a crucial role regarding the “zero emission strategy”. Substances can be extracted from respective residual products and can be directed towards an industrial application (new products, closing the cycle, etc.). In case material utilization cannot be granted, the residual products should be to a large extent liquefied and subsequently harnessed energetically (biogas, bioethanol). (CIB, 2018)


Your experts for waste management


In line with its core competencies and extensive experience in the pulp and paper industry, ANDRITZ offers waste-to-value processes, converting mill waste from the pulp and paper industry (rejects) into renewable energy and valuable by-products. ANDRITZ reject treatment and recycling systems provide proven machinery to dewater, fractionate, shred and separate waste paper contaminants, such as pla...
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REDWAVE is your reliable partner for profitable solutions in the recycling and waste industry. It supplies groundbreaking and economic sorting plants for recyclables as well as turnkey waste treatment plants. Furthermore, REDWAVE is a leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines with a sturdy industrial design which achieves high performance and quality recovery of materials.
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EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH

From proof of principle to In-Line integration and the phase of Industrialising, EVK is a strong and loyal partner on the way to successful project realisation. With 30 years of experience, EVK has the tools to provide their partners with the necessary knowhow to efficiently accomplish projects in the field of embedded vision systems. To create the essential head-start for our partners, the EVK t...
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