ANDRITZ offers a broad range of innovative recycling technologies for material separation and recovery, treatment of various types of waste and rejects from the paper industry, and the production of renewable energy. In addition, ANDRITZ is a leading supplier of plants based on Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) and Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technologies for boilers, which are ideal for a wide range of combustion applications.

Recycling electronic scrap and refrigerators

ANDRITZ offers complete plants for processing electrical household appliances, such as white goods and consumer electronics, as well as refrigerators. The ADuro AZ shredder is the heart of an ANDRITZ plant. Without requiring cutting tools, the QZ breaks down different composite materials quickly and gently with rotating chains so that the individual materials, like iron, plastic, printed circuit boards, cables, and copper coils, are exposed and can be sorted easily in the process that follows. Parts containing hazardous substances, such as batteries and capacitors, are left intact and can be disposed of without any negative impact on the environment. The fully encapsulated, single-stage system for processing refrigerators, e.g. recovers more than 90% of the environmentally harmful greenhouse gases from CFC and pentane appliances without any risk of fire.

Process advantages

  • Process technology complies with WEEELABEX and CENELEC requirements
  • Wide range of input materials and settings
  • No hazardous substances released
  • High recovery rates for valuable materials and CFCs/pentane
  • Less wear thanks to chain technology


ADuro QZ shredder
ADuro G shredder


ANDRITZ Recycling

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