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Binder+Co is a unique enterprise in the world of processing. After all, we offer six elementary processing steps from one single source: comminuting – screening – wet processing – thermal processing – sorting – packaging and palletizing. For many decades now, Binder+Co has supplied individual systems and overall processing plants to the mining and recycling industries. In doing so, we have always placed great value on novel ideas.

Sensor-based sorting for domestic waste

In today’s waste treatment, the production of refuse-derived fuels (RDF) as well as the recovery of valuable resources from domestic and commercial waste is indispensable. Certain materials, such as chlorous plastics, irritate the incineration process and have to be separated (PVC removal). Sensor-based sorting can be used extremely well, above all in the processing of commercial waste for the purpose of producing high-value plastics fractions, such as PET/PP or PE fractions, for example.

Binder+Co offers a diverse product portfolio due to the variety of feed products. This has made it possible for us to match our sorting machine, the CLARITY, exactly to the demands of our customers: from the compact 2-way-systems for the separation of contaminants to the unique multi-way sorting solution for the recovery of plastics fractions. In addition, Binder+Co offers mechanical systems, such as screening machines and perforators for optimum preparation.

The unsorted crude material is fed into the machine and illuminated with light sources. Different sensors such as colour or near infrared cameras recognise the material type and colour. The valves mounted on the blow-off strip are actuated at just the right time, and the foreign material and defined colours are blown off into the corresponding sorting paths.  Pre-treatment of the feedstock with screens, crushers and air classifiers is indispensable for optimum sorting results.




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