Recycling in a container

30. 8月 2021
ANDRITZ and LINETECHNOLOGY have entered into a collaboration to produce container-based recycling systems. The modular and flexibly configurable processing systems enable decentralised recycling and cost-effective processing of industrial residual waste fractions. The BLUELINE system is intended to address a new customer segment. ...

Recycling in a container

30. 8月 2021
ANDRITZ and LINETECHNOLOGY have entered into a collaboration to produce container-based recycling systems. The modular and flexibly configurable processing systems enable decentralised recycling a...

Green hydrogen tank made from waste material

19. 8月 2021
The University of Leoben is developing a new way of producing hydrogen tanks. It is based on using specially prepared activated carbon from organic waste and platinum. The objective is to be able t...

Green Tech Valley becomes Global Lab for Digital Circular Economy

9. 3月 2021
Since 2018, members of the Green Tech Cluster have been working on a shared vision of a completely digital value chain for the circular economy. They include ANDRITZ, Binder + Co, Komptech, Mayer Rec...

Smart Waste – intelligent waste collection in Villach

2. 3月 2021
The city of Villach is committed to increasing the sustainable use of resources on a range of levels. This also includes proper handling and sorting of waste. According to current analyses, up to 70 ...

Andritz ART-Center opening

19. 11月 2020
International technology Group Andritz has opened a modern test and research center for the recycling industry. The new Andritz Recycling Technology Center – ART Center for short – is equ...

New inductive sensors for metal detection

17. 7月 2020
EVK, an expert company in industrial imaging, introduces ABAS ThinLine, a new family of spatially resolved inductive sensors for realtime detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects in industr...

Improvement of output quality

14. 7月 2020
In recent years Lindner Washtech GmbH has evolved into a technological leader in the field of PE film recycling, now with over 50 washing systems installed worldwide. Many new developments such as th...


22. 6月 2020
We proudly present REDWAVE MATE – your “Artificial Intelligent Friend”! In order to support you in operating and optimising your recycling system in the future, another step in the directio...

IFAT B2B Online-Event

16. 4月 2020
The Partnering Event was originally planned to take place at the IFAT, World’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, in Munich. Since the fair has been postp...

Deep learning teams up with robotics

6. 2月 2020
EVK, the image processing specialist, and the Swedish company OP Teknik have jointly developed a solution for the efficient sorting of construction and demolition waste. By combining hyperspectral im...

The Island Solution

31. 1月 2020
Guernsey – a popular holiday destination in the middle of the English Channel that somehow belongs to but is simultaneously separate from the United Kingdom and once inspired Victor Hugo. To preser...

EVK entered the Italian market

16. 10月 2019
The Austrian EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH, the expert company for industrial image processing in the sorting and monitoring of piece goods and bulk materials in the food, recycling and mining industries, ...

Polaris 2800 - The Optimum Stationary Waste Wood Shredder

13. 6月 2019
Of that Wurzer Umwelt GmbH is certain. The Wurzer Group has been relying on Lindner’s shredding technology for over ten years and has been successfully using the manufacturer’s new Polaris 28...

Worldwide Scouting with "Pioneers"

22. 4月 2019
In the Green Tech Hub program, the Styrian recycling specialists Komptech, REDWAVE and Saubermacher launched a scouting program. Together with the start-up expert Pioneers, they look worldwide for in...

5th Global CemFluels Award for Lindner

6. 3月 2019
As in 2017, Linder-Recyclingtech featured in two prizes at the Global CemFuels Awards, the international accolade by the cement and lime industry. The awards were presented in late February 2019 duri...

From Trash to Treasure

20. 2月 2019
The aim is to produce regranulates of the same quality as virgin material. That requires innovative solutions. Two Jupiter 2200 and four Micromat 2000 shredders from Lindner Recyclingtech provide the...

Recycling solutions in use worldwide

14. 2月 2019
International technology Group ANDRITZ has landed two major recycling orders. The first order includes a complete recycling plant for tires in Germany, which processes used car and truck tires up to ...

New markets for Circular Economy

15. 1月 2019
The year 2019 brings innovations for waste management due to the implementation of the European Directive on the Circular Economy. In addition to waste management know-how, transnational cooperation ...

Full throttle = 140 tons of waste wood/hour

14. 1月 2019
Railway sleepers are among the most difficult to process materials in the processing of waste wood, because they are made of very hard wood and are often misted with iron parts. This poses a particul...

Komptech expands Frohnleiten headquarters

11. 12月 2018
Komptech can look back on the most successful year in the company’s history. With a turnover of around 140 million euros, an increase of more than 20% over the previous year was achieved. Durin...

Turning trash into gold

28. 11月 2018
An on-site look at Hammond Farms in Lansing: What started in 1982 as a modest farm has become one of Michigan’s largest suppliers of compost and mulch. ...

Developments in the paper recycling industry

22. 11月 2018
The purpose of paper recycling is to produce high quality recycled paper, responding to the high-quality specifications required by paper consumers either from the graphic, hygiene or packaging secto...

Preshredding with e-drive and intelligent energy management

12. 11月 2018
Demands placed on the automated sorting of valuable recyclables as well as the need among producers of solid recovered fuels (SRF) for pre-shredded yet ideally sortable material are increasing. With ...

Clean solutions for environmental risks

7. 11月 2018
The top tier of waste management – this is how the environmental sector refers to the recycling and disposal of hazardous waste. And not without reason. This kind of recycling requires the highest ...

Large potential in recycling of e-scrap

31. 10月 2018
The global volume of WEEE is forecast to exceed 50 million tons by the year 2020 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is currently considered to be one of the fastest growing waste stream...

Evolution: From Plastic Sorting to Process Analysis of Secondary Fuels

25. 10月 2018
In Europe, the amount of plastics wastes produced amounts to about 25 million tonnes a year. On the average, no less than 37 kg plastic waste a year will be produced by each German, this amount being...

Why Austria is one of the pioneers in global waste management (The he example of Styria, part 2)

18. 10月 2018
In the second part of our insights into the Austrian waste management, Ms. Ingrid Winter from the Styrian state government (A14 – Department of Waste Management and Sustainability) explains whi...

Why Austria is one of the pioneers in global waste management (the example of Styria, part 1)

11. 10月 2018
In the first part of our insights into the Austrian waste management, Ms. Ingrid Winter from the Styrian state government (A14 – Department of Waste Management and Sustainability) identifies th...

UV-pulse technology for water and wastewater treatment

4. 10月 2018
Industrial wastewater often contains organic contaminants which cannot be removed in municipal sewage treatment plants. In cooperation with an international consortium the Austrian company M-U-T is t...

Processing of industrial and commercial wastewater

27. 9月 2018
State-of-the-art technical systems, optimized processes, consideration for neighbours: The new processing plant for industrial and commercial wastewater from Saubermacher in Trofaiach presents itself...

The largest waste management and recycling conference in Austria

20. 9月 2018
The conference Recy & DepoTech has become the largest waste management and recycling conference in Austria, with more than 500 international conference participants. From November 7th to 9th , re...

When waste is picked APP on time

13. 9月 2018
Digitalisation increasingly shapes the waste industry. Web-based software solutions, new ways of route planning and special applications contribute to optimisation. ...

Wall-E and Rob

23. 8月 2018
At Recon Services Inc. in Austin, Texas, Walter Biel runs a sorting line for mixed C&D waste. Recently he added two new workers – the computerized sorting robots Wall-E and Rob. ...

CLARITY multiway – an innovative and unique sorting concept for light packaging

20. 8月 2018
The issue at hand: plastic A world without plastics would be inconceivable today. Plastic products have become part of our everyday life; packaging made from plastic is everywhere and the inevitable ...

Taking Care of Waste Wood

14. 8月 2018
Whether Euro-pallets, furniture, bulky goods, roof beams, railway sleepers, construction and demolition waste, rootstocks that are difficult to shred or many other types of waste wood: the processing...

The styrian technology behind the waste-based biodiesel production

8. 8月 2018
During the last decades, the BioDiesel production is focussing even more on the use of residuals and waste-based resources. The benefits of this high-quality biodiesel ranges from unique GHG reductio...

Efficient Metal Recycling with High-Performance
Briquetting Presses by ATM Recyclingsystems

1. 8月 2018
ATM machines turn scrap into valuable secondary raw materials! The economic treatment of metal scrap is a central issue in the recycling industry around the world. Important questions in the field of...

Waste management
is where it’s at

26. 7月 2018
Committed companies and conscientious pre-sorting by customers are required to turn waste into many valuable raw materials. The campaign ‘Rund geht‘s’ initiated by the Austrian waste management...

Plastic waste
as a reusable
raw material

19. 7月 2018
Employing the help of a new value-added process, new goods can be replaced by quality recyclates in a technically and economically sensible way. ...

Don´t Waste // Invest consortium meets the REMONDIS Group

12. 7月 2018
On Thursday, 05th of July 2018, the Don´t Waste // Invest consortium met with the REMONDIS Group. The meeting was initiated and organised by Mr. KR Hans Roth (VOEB & Saubermacher) and Dr. Maria ...

Resource Parks – the future of waste management

5. 7月 2018
A pioneer from the green heart of austria: in Styria, waste is seen as an economic opportunity with a bright future. Recycling, re-using, recovery and modern resource management – waste is not just...

Scrap Recycling - advanced metal separation with REDWAVE XRF/C.

28. 6月 2018
New sorting possibilities for the Metal and Aluminium Recycling Industry.   Global increasing demand for metals, rising metal prices as well as China‘s policy ban on imports are proving to be ...

Uses of substitute fuels- “What the spot check is never going to tell you …”

30. 5月 2018
The significance of substitute fuels is rapidly increasing and both the utilisation and efficient application of this form of energy is becoming ever more important. By utilising so-called “refuse ...

Using waste to reduce CO2 emissions? Made possible by Saubermacher!

23. 5月 2018
In 5 plants, Saubermacher produces some 400,000 tonnes of substitute fuel used in 11 cement works in 10 different countries. It is produced from individually separated production waste of defined com...

recycling solution

15. 5月 2018
One-stop-shop recycling solution derived from Austria’s excellence in achieving one of Europe´s highest recycling rates The recycling industry is the major cornerstone of a global circular economy...
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