ANDRITZ offers a broad range of innovative recycling technologies for material separation and recovery, treatment of various types of waste and rejects from the paper industry, and the production of renewable energy. In addition, ANDRITZ is a leading supplier of plants based on Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) and Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technologies for boilers, which are ideal for a wide range of combustion applications.

Generating value from end-of-life vehicles

ANDRITZ has developed a three-stage process for the recovery of rubber, steel wire and textiles contained in used tires. In addition, although old oil filters from vehicles are considered hazardous waste, the metal they are made of can be shredded in a single-stage process using the ANDRITZ Universal Granulator UG. The individual materials – iron, aluminum, paper, rubber, and oil – can then be separated from one another easily.

Process advantage for car parts:

  • Flexibility of input materials
  • Cutting or striking technology: optimum tailoring to the material concerned
  • Optimum separation of the individual material components
  • Very high purity level and recovery rates
  • Environmentally friendly, integrated solutions for draining oil from oil filters

Process advantages for tires

  • Throughput (depending on requirements) 3 – 20t/h
  • Purity of rubber granulate > 99,9%
  • Granulating and fine grinding to < 1mm
  • Plant can be expanded thanks to modular design


Universal Granulator UG

Universal Rotary Shear UC

Universal Cutting Mill USM


ANDRITZ Recycling

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