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BDI is the market and technology leader in the construction of customized BioDiesel plants and has specialized in the development of technologies that make optimum use of resources in the industrial processing of by- and waste products since it was established in 1996. The company owns an extensive patent portfolio that has resulted from its in-house research and development activities. Our range of services includes public authority, basic and detailed engineering, installation and start-up as well as After-Sales support.

Multi-Feedstock and RetroFit Technology for BioDiesel plants and plant optimization


BDI is the market and technology leader in the construction of customized BioDiesel plants based on the in-house developed Multi-Feedstock procedure. This patented technology allows BDI to turn a wide range of raw materials, such as animal fat, used cooking oil, trap grease and vegetable oils into high-grade BioDiesel that exceeds the most stringent quality standards (e.g. EN14214, AST D6751). This technology ensures the highest level of economic viability and imposes no restrictions in terms of FFA content – the entire content of free fatty acids is turned into BioDiesel, allowing for yields of up to 100%.


BDI improves and optimizes existing BioDiesel plants. Every BioDiesel plant is unique. For this reason, one-size-fits-all solutions to improve individual parameters are not productive. Quality requirements for BioDiesel are constantly becoming more stringent– due to more demanding legal specifications on the one hand and increasingly sophisticated customers in the market on the other. Rising prices for highly refined plant oils and the deteriorating quality of cost-efficient residual and waste products mean that highly flexible technologies are now required to process a broad, wide-ranging mix of raw materials. BDI is able to identify and optimize the correct individual elements to make a successful improvement of the plant’s performance.


BDI BioDiesel technology
BDI RetroFit technology


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