Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG

Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG is an international disposal and recycling company based in Feldkirchen bei Graz. The family company is a competent partner for around 1,600 municipalities and more than 40,000 companies and employs around 3,050 employees in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates. With its vision Zero Waste and digital solutions like wastebox.at, wastebox.biz or the service app Daheim Saubermacher expands continuously its market position as the Leader in Waste Intelligence.

Substitute fuel processing

Saubermacher and Lafarge had set up in 2003 the largest treatment plant for substitute fuel in Austria. ThermoTeam in Retznei take waste and produce substitute fuels for use in the cement industry. The substitute fuel is produced by their in‑house system from separated production waste with a defined composition, non‑recyclable packaging plastics and suitable pre‑treated industrial and municipal waste material. Substitute fuel will allow fossil fuels such as imported coal to be phased out in the medium term, and can therefore make an important contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Thorough pre‑treatment of waste material, for instance by separation and exclusion of foreign material, gives the finished substitute fuel outstanding uniformity and homogeneity and enables it to be quality assured. The recyclables sorting process ensures that materials such as PET bottles can be recycled and turned into new PET bottles or other plastic products. The Saubermacher Group produces around 300,000 tonnes of substitute fuel on different sites every year.


Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG
Hans-Roth-Straße 1
8073 Feldkirchen bei Graz
Ph.: +43 59 800

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